The health fund that treats you fairly. We’re all for it.

A Cartoon Doctor, Work Women, & Business Man Are All Happy Members Of Union Health.

By working together, we’re creating a health fund that’s fairer for all. 

Union Health is a local not-for-profit health fund. We exist to serve the health needs of all union members and their families - from public servants and tradies, to nurses and ambos, and everyone in between! 

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We're all for our members' health, not shareholders' wealth.

Because we’re 100% owned by our members, our profits go straight back into providing better products, more services and a wider choice of hospitals for our members. We work hard to keep average premium increases as low as possible.


We're all for more value

More than just a health fund, we’re all for helping members unlock the value of their cover. You can save every day with our hand-picked series of exclusive Mates Rates. Plus we have heaps of other care and wellbeing programs you can tailor to suit the needs of you and your family. 
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We're all for trust

Union Health is powered by TUH, one of Australia’s most trusted health funds*. TUH was started 50 years ago by the Queensland Teachers’ Union for their members. Thanks to their support, Union Health now protects the health of Australians from a much wider range of industries. Like TUH, we believe in fairness and treat everyone as an individual, not a number. While you’re busy serving others, we’re busy serving you. 

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We're all for choice

You’re free to choose any Australian extras provider. That’s right, there’s no need to change providers when you make the switch to the fairer health fund! We also have a wide range of providers who offer discounts or agreed rates for some services. Plus we have a wide choice of hospitals and a high percentage of gap-free services.


We're all for your health and wellbeing

We don't compromise on your health and wellbeing. We offer quality, affordable health insurance products to suit every age and life stage. And because our staff aren't paid commissions, there's no pushy salespeople. 

Union Health is a not-for-profit Australian health fund that’s 100% member-owned. Established in 2018, we serve the health needs of all Australian union members and their families. 

Acknowledgement of traditional owners

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands on which we work each day, and pay our respects to Elders of those lands, both past and present.

*Ipsos Healthcare & Insurance Australia survey 2019