The health fund that treats you fairly. We’re all for it.

If you’re in a union and you’re ready for your health to be treated fairly, make the switch to the health fund that believes in fairness.

From public servants, firies and sparkies to nurses and ambos, Union Health has been formed to serve the needs of all union members. Backed by TUH, Union Health strives to become Australia’s fairest health fund for all union members and their families. 

We’re all for your health and wellbeing.

Union Health is a not-for-profit Australian health fund that’s 100% member-owned. Established in 2018, Union Health serves the health needs of all Australian union members and their families. Check you're eligible to join today.

When it comes to hospitals, we’re for more choice.

Enjoy a wider range of hospitals to choose from with Union Health. What’s more, we offer a higher percentage of services with no out-of-pocket expenses than BUPA, NIB or MEDIBANK (2018 State of the Health Funds Report).

We’re for health cover that ensures you’re well-covered.

We don’t compromise on your health and wellbeing. Union Health offers a range of quality products and services to suit your specific lifestage.

We’re backed by Australia’s most recommended members-owned health insurer. 

In a nationwide Ipsos survey of health funds, TUH was ranked first by members for trustworthiness, satisfaction, loyalty and likelihood to recommend.* As one of Australia’s most trusted health funds, we’re proud that TUH stands behind us. Thanks to their support, Union Health can lead the way and strive to become the fairer health fund for all union members.

We’re all for our members’ health, not shareholders’ wealth. 

Union Health is 100% member owned and we act in the best interests of our members, not shareholders. Our profits are returned to members in the form of improved products, additional services and a wider choice of hospitals. And because our staff aren’t paid commission, you can rest assured that they’ve got your best interests at heart.

Enjoy the freedom to use any Australian extras provider. That’s right, there’s no need to change providers when you make the switch to the fairer health fund! We also have a wide range of providers who offer discounts or agreed rates for some services. 

Supported by TUH.

Union Health is supported by TUH Health Fund. Founded in 1972 by the Queensland Teachers’ Union, its purpose was to ensure that all Queensland teachers receive first-rate health care. While we have grown to protect the health of Australians from many industries, our commitment to providing exceptional products and services remains the same. 

Acknowledgement of traditional owners

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands on which we work each day, and pay our respects to Elders of those lands, both past and present.

*Ipsos Healthcare & Insurance Australia survey 2017