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Joining Union Health

Our eligibility is open to all current and former Australia union members – from public servants and tradies, to nurses and ambos, and everyone in between. Family members of current or former Australian union members are also welcome to join Union Health.

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Yes, our staff will help facilitate the move from another health fund to Union Health and in most cases you won't have to serve waiting periods again if you've already served them on a comparable cover.

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We offer private health insurance policies for hospital and extras cover (general treatment). If you want both, you can take out a packaged cover or mix and match separate hospital and extras products to meet your needs.

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Depending on the policy type, waiting periods of up to 12 months may apply. Each policy, claim type or treatment may have different waiting periods. More information on specific waiting periods per product can be found in each product guide.

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In our fund rules, it states that providers cannot treat their family members. This means that benefits cannot be paid for treatments performed by a provider on their family members, including partners, parents, siblings, children or any person insured under the policy. This rule applies to all healthcare providers.

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