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Life isn't always fair. Your health fund should be.

At Union Health you can trust us to treat you fairly, even if you're the new kid on the block.

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Why Union Health?

We're proud to support hardworking Aussie tradies and their families. Just like your union, you could say we’re big on the idea of a fair go.

 We offer good quality, affordable health insurance. 

 We’re owned entirely by our members, and we’re not-for-profit.

We ranked in the top three rated health funds^ for trustworthiness, customer service and quality products.


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If you join today, we’ll give you 4 WEEKS FREE after your first month of payment!*

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^Union Health is brought to you by TUH Health Fund (TUH), proudly serving Australian union members and their families for 50 years. TUH voted top 2 for most trusted and high-quality private health insurance providers and top 3 for customer service, IPSOS Health Care & Insurance Australia 2021.