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We’ve put together a great range of fitness gear with exclusive member discounts to kit out big (and little) athletes.

You Can Rely on Your Mates

As the fairer health fund for Australian Union members and their families, we're here to help you get the very most out of life. We've partnered with some of our mates in the fitness space to bring you some great ideas to keep you and the family moving. To access these fantastic offers and a full product catalogue, click the button below.  


Some of the products hand curated especially for you

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SUMMIT SPORT is 100% Australian owned and has been a part of the World Sporting Goods Industry since 1991, producing the highest of quality products for all levels of the game. From elite playing fields to backyards, SUMMIT prides itself on designing and producing products that deliver the very best in sports goods.

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Summit home fitness pack

Perfect fitness pack to keep you active at home and get the heart rate up! Great for indoor and outdoor use.

RRP $67.90
UH $47.53
Pop up soccer pack

Lightweight portable goal that sets up in seconds. Comes with a ball and pump. Perfect for training at home and keeping those skills up!

RRP $111.40
UH $69.30
Target goal pack

Lightweight 2 in 1 pop-up goal that sets up in seconds. Comes with a ball and pump. Perfect for training at home with the added fun of shooting at a target and practicing shots into the corners.

RRP $181.40
UH $69.30
Cricket training pack

Perfect set up to keep your cricket skills sharp while training from home. Lightweight goal with stumps that can be set up in seconds. Comes with plastic balls with a seam, soft enough to be safe at home but feel like the real thing.

RRP $125.95
UH $69.30
30% OFF

The Kids In Sport range is dedicated to children having fun, being healthy, participating and acquiring the skills for their future playing sports. KIS products are designed to be safe and functional. We love the idea of kids having positive energy with sports and reaping the rich rewards of a healthy lifestyle.

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Bat + ball cricket set

Just because schools out doesn’t mean the kids need to be bored. The KIS bat + ball set is soft to touch and fun for the little kids (and big kids too.)

RRP $19.95
UH $13.97
Bat + ball baseball set:

Soft touch ball set perfect for that little one that loves sport – can be used inside or outside.

RRP $19.95
UH $13.97
Advanced trainer

Looking for a training ball to keep up your soccer skills. The advance soccer ball is perfect, its FFA endorsed PU training ball that kids (and adults) can get out in the backyard and keep up with the soccer practice while at home. Comes in three sizes so something for everyone. 

RRP $19.95
UH $13.97
Classic ball

The perfect recreational ball to get out in the backyard with the family to kick around, have some fun with the kids and stay fit. Comes in three sizes so something for everyone. 

RRP $16.95
UH $11.87
30% OFF

The Adidas brand’s mission is to be the best sports brand in the world, by designing, building and selling the best sports products in the world, with the best service and experience. Stay fit and fabulous with the help of our high-performance range of Adidas fitness equipment for men and women.

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Fitness mat – 7mm

Built for general ground exercise, the fitness mat has a ridged base for stability making your home workouts more effective.

RRP $49.49
UH $34.97
Push up bars – pair

Designed to enhance each rep, the bars allow you to deepen your push-ups for more effective training.

RRP $34.95
UH $24.47
Skipping rope

300cm long, offers an alternative cardio option, simple enough to do in your driveway.

RRP $34.95
UH $24.47
Ankle/wrist weights

Helping to push your workouts further, the adidas ankle/wrist weights provide a secure and effective way to boost bodyweight training.

RRP $39.95
UH $27.97
20% OFF

HEAD is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of premium tennis equipment. Its roots trace back to 1950 as Howard Head, the inventor of the first metal ski, founded the company. HEAD Tennis is used by some of the greatest tennis players in the world, including our own Ash Barty.

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Novak 25

The Novak 25, named after Novak Djokovic, is the perfect racquet for boys between 8 and 10 years who want to get a very first feel for the sport. It comes with the unique Damp+ insert, which isolates the impact for less vibration. The racquet features a brand-new neon red design inspired by cool little monsters that will make every boy's heart beat a bit faster.

RRP $39.99
UH $31.99
Maria 25

The Maria 25, named after Maria Sharapova, is the perfect racquet for girls between 8 and 10 years who want to try tennis for the first time. It comes with the unique Damp+ insert, which isolates the impact for less vibration. The racquet features a brand-new fairy-tale-inspired design in a beautiful light blue that will make every girl's heart beat a bit faster.

RRP $39.99
UH $31.99
IG Challenge Lite Orange

The IG challenge lite provides spin and power as well as being light to handle, making it the perfect racquet for those learning the game.

RRP $159.99
UH $127.99
Cyber elite racquet

This racquet will make first time squash players elite. The cyber elite is a head-light racquet whose heavier weight provides more stability for even more control.

RRP $79.99
UH $63.99
20% OFF

Arena offers a wide range of swimming products and is universally recognized as one of the premium brands of high-quality swimwear and equipment. Arena is considered the #1 brand when it comes to Powerskin Racing Suits, Goggles & Training Tools, which is why top Australian swimmers such as World Champions Cate and Bronte Campbell, Mitch Larkin and Emily Seebohm are proudly part of the Arena family. 

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Tracks mirror adult googles

This design is your go-to-eye for outdoor swimming. Reflective coating on the lenses protects eyes from glare. Available in 8 colours.

RRP $36.00
UH $28.00
The one adult goggles

Experience the best possible underwater vision with wide lenses shaped for forward and peripheral visibility. Available in 5 colours.

RRP $34.00
UH $27.20
Tracks mirror junior goggles

Long-lasting comfort and a clear view underwater makes this no-fuss goggle our choice for kids. Available in 3 colours.

RRP $31.00
UH $24.80
The one junior goggles

Comfortable, watertight and offer crystal clear visibility + fit any face perfectly. Available in 4 colours.

RRP $30.00
UH $24.00