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News • 07 March 2024

Let's get moving: creative ways to energise your family fun time

In today's digital age, it's easy to get caught up in a cycle of screen time and sedentary living. But hey, who says fun family time has to be pricey or plugged in?

There's a whole world of activities out there that can get your family moving, grooving, and bonding like never before. And the best part? Most of them won't cost you a cent. So, let's explore some exciting ways to inject a little action into your family life, shall we?

Community vibes: join the fun together

Ever thought about joining the community buzz with your family? It's a fantastic way to stay active and meet new folks. Check out these ideas:

  • Park runs and fun runs: Lace up those sneakers and hit the ground running (literally) with local fun runs. It's a blast for all ages!

  • Join a sport: Soccer, netball, cricket – you name it. Community sports aren't just for kids; they're a great way for the whole family to get in on the action.

  • Dance, yoga, pilates: Group classes offer a fun twist on staying fit. Plus, they're perfect for rainy days.

  • Adventure clubs: Scouts or Girl Guides offer adventure and skills-building for the young ones. Why not volunteer and join the fun?

  • Swimming and more: Local pools often host family swim times, or join a swimming club for structured fun.

Backyard blitz and park adventures

No need to go far for a good time. Your backyard or local park is a treasure trove of fun. Get started with:

  • Classic games: Think back to your childhood – hopscotch, jump rope, and tag. It's time to pass on the tradition.

  • Obstacle courses: Use what you've got to create a backyard challenge. The laughter will be as abundant as the physical activity.

  • Nature's playground: Gardening or a simple bug hunt can spark an interest in the great outdoors (and sneak in some learning, too).

Indoor escapades: rainy day? No problem!

Don't let a little weather dampen your spirits. There's plenty of indoor fun to be had:

  • Dance party: Crank up the tunes and have a dance-off. Bonus points for silly moves!

  • Pillow forts and balloon volleyball: Who doesn't love a good fort? Pair it with balloon games for an epic afternoon.

  • Treasure hunts: Hide clues around the house and send the kids on an adventure. They'll love solving the mysteries you've created.

Explore your neighbourhood

Sometimes, adventure is just around the corner. Literally. Try these neighbourhood activities:

  • Walking to school: It's simple, but it counts. Plus, it's a great time to chat and catch up.

  • Bike rides and evening walks: A leisurely ride or stroll after dinner? Yes, please. It's the perfect wind-down activity.

  • Local exploration: New parks, playgrounds, and even skate parks offer fresh scenery and new challenges.

Venture further: local region explorations

Ready for a bigger adventure? Look beyond your neighbourhood:

  • Nature trails and geocaching: These activities not only get the family moving but also ignite a sense of adventure and discovery.

  • Beach days and camping trips: Nothing says family time like a day at the beach or a night under the stars. Pack the outdoor toys and go wild!

Gift ideas that keep on moving

When it's time for gifts, think outside the box – or, rather, outside the house. Scooters, bikes, and sports equipment aren't just gifts; they're invitations to play and explore.

Enlist the troops: extended family fun!

Getting your family moving isn't just about physical health; it's about creating memories, bonding, and learning together. So, whether it's joining a local club, exploring your backyard, or setting off on a neighbourhood adventure, the goal is to have fun and connect. And remember, everyone in the family can contribute ideas. After all, the best adventures are the ones you dream up together.

Don't forget to loop in grandparents, aunts, uncles, and family friends. Activities with a broader circle can enrich experiences and strengthen bonds.

Ready to ditch the screens and make some unforgettable family memories? Let's get moving!

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07 March 2024