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News • 11 September 2020

Zero never looked so good

At Union Health, we've been working hard for our members for a long time - 48 years, to be exact. 

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, this year has seen us all face some challenges we've never had to deal with before. That's made us even more determined to do what we can to support our Union Health members and their families when they need it most.

A lot of people have been asking "why do I need private health insurance at a time like this?" But we think, in these uncertain times, private health cover is more important than ever.

So far this year, we've looked after our members by offering help if they're going through some financial hardship, telehealth consultations and private hospital cover for COVID-19 patients.

A lot of Union Health members have told us that added level of support has taken a lot of pressure off them as they try to keep their heads above water during the coronavirus pandemic.

And we know our members need the extra attention right now, when a lot of us are hurting the most. 

You may have heard a lot of talk recently about private health funds raising their rates again. That talk is sadly true, with major Australian health funds asking many of their members to pay more for their health insurance from October, but we've decided to put our foot down and say no.

There will be no rate rise for Union Health members before April 2021. 

That's right, Union Health has announced we'll be putting our premiums up by a grand total of zero. Zilch. Zip. Nil. Nothing!

And we think that's really something! 

But if you think that's all we've got up our sleeve for you, think again. Not only are we costing you no more, we're also offering you extra ways to save.

For new members, just join Union Health before 31 October 2020 and we'll give you your second month absolutely free.*

And of course, there's no way we'd forget about those who are already with us. To say thank you for being a loyal Union Health member, we'll give you a $100 eGift card every time you tell a mate about Union Health and they join.*

These bonuses are on top of the everyday competitive rates and great service we offer.

Even though 2020 has been a rough one, we know it's times like these we find out what we're really made of. We're proud to be taking care of our members - we are ALWAYS putting our members first.

We're hoping there's smoother sailing ahead for us all, but we also know it always pays to be prepared for anything, and we're here for you every step of the way.

*Terms and conditions apply

11 September 2020