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News • 04 July 2024

My First Health Fund: Affordable Health Insurance for Young Australians

Your twenties are a time for adventure — building a career, travelling and experiencing life's big moments. We get it and we’re here to make it simple for you.

With Union Health, you can stay on your family’s private health insurance policy as a dependant until you're 21, or even up to 31 if you're a full-time student and not married or in a de facto relationship.

If you aren’t studying full-time but aren’t married or living in a de facto relationship, you might be able to remain on your parents cover as an extended dependant^ until you are 31 for an additional loading. 

But if you’re thinking about stepping out on your own, getting quality and affordable health insurance doesn’t have to be hard. We make it easy and stress-free for our members, ensuring you're covered for what matters most, so you can focus on living your best life. 

Why get private health insurance now?
  • Peace of mind: With hospital cover, you’ll be covered for medically necessary treatment in a private hospital, for services covered under your policy. Skip the long public waiting lists, choose your own doctor, and rest easy knowing you’re protected when you need it most. 

  • Avoid paying more: Extras cover acts as a budgeting tool that helps you avoid getting hit with high out-of-pocket costs for essential health services, like when you need a tooth filling or pair of glasses. 

  • Age-Based Discounts: Get Union Health private hospital cover before you turn 30 and you’ll enjoy an Age-Based Discount of up to 10%, which lasts until you turn 41*.  

  • Tax Benefits: If you earn over $97,000 as a single or $194,000 as a couple, you can be exempt from the Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS) with suitable private hospital cover. You may also qualify for a government rebate on your premiums, which is income-tested and can either be deducted from your premium or claimed as a tax offset. 

Your health insurance options

Whether you’re looking for coverage for massages and myotherapy or straightforward hospital cover, Union Health has the right option for you.  

My first health fund options: 

  • Basic + Hospital cover is an ideal entry-level choice for affordable private hospital cover with coverage for things like dental surgery and joint reconstruction, perfect for tax purposes.

  • You can level up your coverage with Bronze + Hospital cover to include more hospital services for digestive, bone, joint and muscle issues. 

  • Bronze+ Young Choice gives you more value with combined hospital and extras package that will cover you for things like broken bones, respiratory illness, dental surgery, while providing benefits for services like psychology, hypnotherapy, and counselling. 

  • Access healthcare services such as dental and optical, choose from Basic Extras, Mid Range Extras, or Everyday Extras, to suit your needs. 

Explore Your Options

If you’re joining your finances with your partner, consider combining your health insurance too with our couples cover, offering a range of options from essential coverage to family planning.  

Want a higher level of coverage? See our comprehensive private health insurance options, providing greater coverage on a diverse range of treatments, where you can opt for a cover with or without pregnancy. 

Based on your needs and income, we can provide an instant quote for you to help make the decision as easy as possible. 

Have More Questions? 

See our Frequently Asked Questions or book a call with our friendly local team and we'll sort you out. Let’s make adulting a bit less complicated together. 

^Extended dependants cover is available for all covers except Gold Hospital and Basic+ Hospital (stand-alone or combined with an extras policy). 

*Age-Based Discount applies to the full cost of the hospital component of Basic+ Hospital, Bronze+ Hospital, Silver+ Hospital Essentials, Silver+ No Pregnancy Hospital, Silver+ Family Hospital, Bronze+ Young Choice.  

04 July 2024