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Do you have all you need to get healthy and stay that way?

Tricks of the Trade features loads of programs and support services tailored for your individual needs, at your stage of life. 

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What’s better than getting out of hospital? Staying out!

If you’ve just been released from hospital and you have complex health needs, our Care Coordinator can help you figure out all the health services you need to access, and help you find the right support to help you recover and stay well.

We’ll tailor the service to your specific health needs, and we can also help coordinate the services for you, to ease your load. All of this is included in your usual premiums, if you’re eligible, and there are no extra costs. 

Recover at home, where you belong.

We know you’d rather be home than in hospital, so we can work with your medical team, before or during your stint in hospital, to see how we can get you home ASAP, with a medical recovery program. This could include cardiac, orthopaedic, or respiratory rehab programs, antibiotics, and/or palliative care. 

If you have a chronic health condition, we can help you manage it, with telephone support from dietitians, nurses, diabetes educators, exercise physiologists and occupational therapists, who can offer advice to suit your needs. 

Our weight management program will help you reduce risk factors that can lead to osteoarthritis, diabetes, and heart problems – so we can prevent or delay the range of complications that can arise. Our program offers dedicated health coaching and online support while you’re doing the clinically proven Kick Start™ Very Low-Calorie Diet.

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