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News • 19 June 2024

Health Insurance That Meets the Needs of Your Family

We know our members are feeling the pinch right now. As costs rise for just about everything, budgets are getting tighter. No Aussies should have to decide between protecting their family’s health over other cost of living expenses.

At Union Health, we believe private health insurance should not derail your family’s budget. That’s why we’ve designed affordable hospital and extras options for families, taking the stress away from you and your wallet. 

Our variety of products gives you a fair go on your health insurance and family plan. Because we know, not all families look the same.

Picture this; you’re a couple with no kids, versus your neighbour, whose family is two parents, one child and another on the way. Different number of people. Different incomes. Different health needs. Should their private health insurance be the same? We think NO.

Then throw into the mix that everyone’s in a different stage of life. With a pre-teen, visits to the orthodontist might soon take up those after-school hours. Or, if you’re squinting to read your phone messages, a visit to the optometrist might be on the cards for you! 

We think you deserve a variety of affordable health cover options based on your unique family needs.  

Private health insurance in Australia

Aussies are lucky to have Medicare - and we’re grateful for it. It's purpose is to help everyone maintain a baseline level of health. It covers costs to see a doctor, buy some medicine and certain tests and scans. And that’s great. But for the average family, there are loads of other health needs not covered, like dental, physiotherapy and the cost for hospital accommodation, intensive care, theatre fees, and medical charges when admitted as private patient.  

That’s where private health insurance comes in. Family health cover can fiill the gaps left by Medicare, offering benefits like skipping public hospital waiting lists and choosing your own doctor. But remember, if a service isn't covered by Medicare, you won't be able to claim it on your hospital insurance. 

Affordable family health cover

Finding the right health insurance is all about ensuring it fits your lifestyle. Start by considering what ‘family’ means to you, then focus on value as you assess your family's health needs. 

While all our hospital and extras covers suit all kinds of families, for a couple on a tight budget, a lower tier of hospital cover might be the best option. However if you’re planning to start a family or have more children, then a mid tier of hospital cover that includes pregnancy and birth related services makes more sense.

Let’s walk you through our most common family cover options. Remember there’s no right or wrong policy, just what’s right for you and your family. 

Best family hospital covers
Bronze + HospitalCover for basic hospital treatments, without coverage for major hospital procedures.
Silver + Hospital EssentialsCovers common hospital treatments, without coverage for the expensive hospital services.
Silver + No Pregnancy HospitalCovers a diverse range of treatments but excludes pregnancy, birth related services and weight loss surgery.
Silver + Family HospitalA family-centric cover across a wide range of treatments, including pregnancy, birth and assisted reproductive services.

Now, add on an extras cover package based on your family and budget. 

Extras cover we recommend for families
Everyday ExtrasEssential benefits like dental, optical and more without the hefty price tag.
Mid-Range ExtrasBudget-friendly access to benefits like remedial massage, dietetics and more.
Family ExtrasBenefits on a great range of services, with up to $260 back on optical and no annual limit on general dental.
Comprehensive ExtrasGenerous benefits on a wide range of services, increased annual limits and up to $1,000 annual limit on orthodontic.

Voilà! You have your affordable family health fund lined up. 

But hang tight - we’ve got more ways for you to save. Kids can remain on their family cover until they turn 31. As long as they don't have a partner themselves, they can remain covered for no cost while they are studying or a reduced fee if they are no longer a student. Find out more about our extended dependant cover here.

At Union Health, the best interests of our members and their families drive everything that we do. We’re union people too, so we’re for a fair go.

Chat with us today! Our customer service team (also real people) are ready to talk through your family situation and help build the best family cover for you.

19 June 2024