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News • 10 February 2021

P2P program for members welcoming a baby home

Union Health’s Pregnancy to Parenthood (P2P) is the ultimate support program laden with amazing value to support you; sleep and settling - including safe sleeping and wrapping recommendations, first aid, safety and guidelines for growth and development from birth to 12 months. 

P2P is a comprehensive program to provide you with all the knowledge and skills you need to enjoy sleep settling and feeding success. The first 12 months of life are a period of incredible growth in all areas of a baby’s development and within a family.  We are here to help make the transition from pregnancy to parenthood a little easier.

What’s included in the P2P program from Union Health? 

12 months exclusive access to premium resources on Nourish’s online learning hub
Your guide to a healthy pregnancy and birth is personalised to your babies’ due date so you get the most value from the 12 month program You will find the most comprehensive and engaging content on the learning hub. Over 6 hours of in-depth video tutorials, audio podcasts, eBooks, articles are included. 

  • Pregnancy health

  • Positive labour and birth 

  • Feeding 

  • Sleep and settling 

  • Infant and toddler care

  • Parenting and Relationships

  • Ante and postnatal fitness 

Two 20-minute Safe Sleep Space telephone consultations

  • 2 personal phone-calls with a health nurse and sleep consultant when baby is 3weeks and 3monhs old (low risk members)

  • Safe Sleep Space consultants able to guide you on a range of topics designed to enhance your parenting experience. They are qualified maternal and child health nurses, midwives and early childhood professionals and specialise in early parenting matters.

Confidential emotional health screening with iCOPE

  • You will receive a confidential emotional health and wellbeing assessment to identify whether you may be at risk of experiencing depression or anxiety during pregnancy or following birth, and the likelihood that you may be experiencing these conditions currently. 

  • This report is personalised, confidential and is delivered via email or SMS and connects you to further information and local support services.

A gift pack for you and baby

  • The AROMABABY skincare pack includes AROMABABY Barrier Balm™ and Mother & Child Oil. Barrier Balm (25gm) – AROMABABY Barrier Balm™ is a natural and organic solution to soothe nappy rash, cradle cap and other dry skin. Mother & Child Oil (100ml) is an ideal first massage oil for your baby. Fragrance and essential-oil free, it’s also suitable for women during and after pregnancy. 

To assist people from multicultural communities the video content within Nourish Baby is also delivered in separate modules with Arabic, Mandarin and Vietnamese subtitles and with English subtitles for the hearing impaired.

What will I learn? 

  • P2P will help guide you and your baby the best possible start in life with the Nourish Guide to Babies.  You will learn how to understand and care for your baby 0 – 12 months and identify key milestones. 

  • The development of a baby's brain from birth and the crucial role you play in building your baby's brain. 

  • Understand how babies communicate and how to decode your baby's cry. 

  • A comprehensive guide to sleep and settling - including safe sleeping and wrapping recommendations. 

  • Guidelines for growth and development from birth to 12 months. 

  • First aid and safety. 

  • Tips for returning to work. 

  • Real parents sharing their experience of adjusting to parenthood, understanding their baby and sleep and settling.

We all know babies do not come with manuals.  Or do they? Your guide to feeding and sleep setting was created by a team of qualified and experienced midwives, lactation consultants, maternal child health nurses and early childhood professionals experienced in infant and toddler sleep. It is practically a baby manual (whoever said they didn’t exist wasn’t a Union Health member)!
Whether you choose to breast feed, formula feed or mix feed you baby, this is the ultimate guide to feeding your little one from birth;

  • Getting started - newborn feeding cues, burping baby and normal nappies. 

  • Breastfeeding - how to prepare, a step-by-step guide to attachment, how often to feed your baby, what to expect in the first few weeks and how to manage common problems. 

  • Formula feeding - what equipment you need, how to choose the right formula, how to position your baby and practices to avoid. 

  • All about mixed feeding. 

  • Introducing solids, including how to know when your baby is ready. 

  • Partners guide. 

Who can access the program?

P2P is available to members with any hospital cover that includes pregnancy combined with either Comprehensive Extras or Family Extras who have served the 6-month waiting period. It’s also available on our closed Gold Ultimate Choice and Gold Easy Choice covers. There’s no hospital excess to pay and participation in this program won’t affect your benefits or limits.

Privacy Information

Once registered with P2P, all correspondence will be via Nourish Baby/Safe Sleep Space. Your information provided to Nourish Baby/Safe Sleep Space will be kept confidential and is not disclosed to Union Health. It will only be used to provide you with the program. You can view the Nourish Baby Privacy Policy here and the Safe Sleep Space Privacy Policy here.

Contact Union Health on 1300 661 283 for more information.


10 February 2021